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Dec 1, 2012 5:00pm PST
. >> this is crazy. not a single, solitary one of these people has to die. >> we're used to thinking of it starting here, looking like this. but something happened this this country, and now increasingly it starts here in your own home. >> as we speak, someone died. right now. >> and over the next hour, three people will die. >> he went to sleep, and he had no idea this was going to be his last night on earth. >> from misusing perfectly legal prescription drugs. taking a "deadly dose." >> i'm a little concerned that may have taken something that wasn't good for me on accident. >> i took a few methadone from my grandpa. they were 10 milligrams. >> what you are listening to are actual calls. >> how is he acting? >> at the washington poison center in seattle. >> just drowsy? okay. >> and lately, more and more of them sound something like this. >> and today, i took about 90 milligrams of percocet. >> oh, you did? >> 6:00, i wasn't really thinking and i did a bar of xanax and i'm reading all this stuff online how that is a very lethal combination. i have a lot of friends who died in their sleep and i ju
Dec 1, 2012 11:00pm PST
thought, well, these are the guys who are on the street, maybe using heroin. >> but looking deeper, he realized they weren't junkies, not at all. it usually began with a back sprain. >> they were taking these medications no to the get high but try to control pain in most cases, back pain and then they were mixing them with other medication and having fatal reactions to that. >> a lot of people have back pain. a lot of people take pain medications for that pain. and what you're saying a lot of those people are then dying? >> yeah. a lot of them are dying and a lot of people in our culture right now are at risk of dying from the exact same thing. >> i wanted to know more. so they allowed me to listen in. >> poison center. may i help you? >> yeah, my wife took hydromet and when we checked it later, she had taken 30 millimeters instead of five. >> to see the problem firsthand, i rode along with lieutenant craig aman. he has been on the job for 30 years. he will tell you, when he takes an overdose call the usual suspect is a painkiller. >> what sort of impact have you seen here in seattle?
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)